Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muggings, Internships & Boredom

So it has been a long time, it has also been eventful. I have completed two internships. Well one two week one in a PR Company...and then a went back to the charity for a week. My lack of paid employment is starting to really de-motivate me. Not only did I go back to the charity to work for free...but I was covering my old boss...doing her job, for free...and her boss...the only other person in the department, was ill for three for three days I was running the department...for free! Sounds fair don't you think.
Anyway that was last week. The week before I was interning in a very good pr agency. This was a really good internship. I learnt lots and got to actually do some work. I even went to the pub with them a couple of times. I tell you must be a bloody stressful job...because no joke they all smoke. I literally felt like I was in an Auschwitz gas chamber I was surrounded by so much smoke.
Tomorrow I am moving to yet another internship...unpaid! this time three months! hell yes does it get better than that! Can you see me getting more cynical? This one is actually a bit more politics related...which is my degree. I have decided to put it towards some use by helping organise events for a political charity/think tank.

Moving on from jobs on to a more happy topic...I was recently mugged. That wasn't actually was a better experience than my constant slave labour. Me and my ladychum were returning from a joyous Halloween evening, 5am we missed out stop and ended up in stratford...bad place. A man then came at us with a broken beer bottle and threatened us until we gave him her bag and my wallet and phone. Bugger. Now some of you more manly men may be suggesting I should have fought him off. Sadly at the time I wasn't feeling my most intimidating. After all I had just woken up after having fallen asleep on the bus...hence missing the stop. I was also absolutely sloshed. And finally, I was still in my costume. I had gone as John McEnroe. I was wearing short white shorts, a white polo and a wig with a headband. It is safe to say I was not the scariest man around. My ladychum was basically wearing normal clothes except with horns on her dead...she was supposedly the devil. The police made the whole night that much more interesting with their racist ways. Without any description having been given they asked "so what did this black guy look like?" Our response, "We never said he was black...he was white." Was received by much shock from them. After having been mugged we walked to a nearby hotel in order to use their phone. The receptionist, an asian man, suggested the reason for our mugging might be "too many blacks in this area." Our retort of, "well this guy was white so probably not." Was again received with much shock.

Other than these intriguing events I am becoming ridiculously disillusioned with my whole situation. It really is no fun at all. I need a job soon...or at least something exciting to happen. I feel like im just floating through life in a state of poverty. My dad described my life as a 'riches to rags story'...sad times.

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  1. Lol, especially at the popo's surprise at you getting mugged by a white man. I'm assuming you've found a paid internship after 3 years?